April 6, 2016 issue

Greater Toronto

ORSCA introduces novel 20/20
'Test' format
2016 ORSCA Captains/League representatives at the recent captains meeting. (Photo courtesy L. Nimraj)
By Lekhraj Nimraj
At the 27 March, 2016 captain’s meeting of the Ontario Round-Arm Softball Cricket Association (ORSCA) an exciting new format to the 2016 playing season was introduced.
In addition to the regular 20/20 and T-10 formats, the 20/20 'Test' knock out format will also be contested during the 2016 season. Here each will have the opportunity to bat for 10 overs in the first inning followed by a second inning. However, one team will have the option to enforce a follow-on if the opposing team was more than 50 runs in arrears on the first inning. The team with the most aggregate runs wins, just as in a regular Test match.
Board member, Patrick Singh, in his presentation explained that ORSCA implemented a trial of this format in the previous season in the over-35 competition and found that it was well received. With the requirement of careful planning and strategy in both the bowling and batting departments, the teams found it very exciting and competitive.
After a full review of the last competition, the ORSCA board seized on the opportunity to lead the way in Canadian Softball cricket in adopting this new format.
Since its formation in 2011, ORSCA has been on the forefront of Canadian softball cricket. It was the first to introduce the T-15 and T-10 knockout competitions. The league was formed to revive the lost art of genuine round arm bowling.
Round arm bowling has always been iconic to softball cricket not only in Guyana but to North America as well. Most softball players believe that round arm bowling is an art equivalent to “leg spin bowling in hard ball cricket”.
It is also an accepted fact that round arm bowling allows for fair cricket, as the action is clearly defined.
ORSCA was founded on the principle of fairplay, strict adherence to the rules and most importantly, being family friendly. The promotion of this culture has been well accepted as the league has grown from 10 teams to an astounding 26 teams within five years. ORSCA's president Mitchel Bacchus is confident that this season will be the best yet for the organization. With a very competent board voted in, the new board members intend to continue the great work of their predecessors. The new board has been busy with planning and organizing for the new season which is just a few weeks away. A full review of the ORSCA rules has been completed, changes implemented to close loopholes, the zones finalized and the draft of the T-10 knockout competition completed.
Bacchus did indicate that a lot more work needed to be done with the board such as setting up of the Disciplinary Committee. He is adamant that all of the issues identified will be reviewed and closed under his watch as president.
The new regular season kicks off in May 2016 with 13 teams each in the West and East Zones. The T-10 Knockout competition occurs over two weekends in July starting on the 17th July with the finals being played on the 23rd July.
The schedule for the 20/20 Test format is still being finalized by ORSCA schedule coordinators. More information on this can be located on the league’s website-www.ORSCA.ca
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