January 24, 2007 issue

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Ontario Summer Jobs program

Ward of TCCF: Meagan Mano is a six month old child from Trinidad who had an emergency admission at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto on December 23, 2006. The child required treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension (open blood vessel in heart, did not close at birth). The Caribbean Children Foundation (TCCF) committed itself to the tune of Cdn $25,000 towards the cost of the emergency medical treatment for services rendered to little Meagan at Sick Kids Hospital. Meagan is the 34th child from the Caribbean that TCCF has helped since its formation six years ago.
The Ontario governemnt has announced its Summer Jobs program to help young people find employment or start their own business this summer.
Students aged 15-24 or up to 29 years for persons with disabilities, planning to return to school in the fall are entitled to apply for the Summer Job Service. Businesses, farms as well as not-for-profit and other community organizations can apply to receive hiring incentives of two dollars per hour. which lasts for 16 weeks between April and September. The Summer Company program helps students start up their own summer businesses.
Applications for summer job placements can be made as early as April. Summer Company applications can be made right now.
Information about a particular summer program and how to apply is available through Employment Ontario at
1-800-387-5656 or online at

Awards for good radio show
Narine Dat Sookram with his Sonic Boom Awards
On November 10th 2006 the first annual CKMS Sonic Boom Awards show was held at the University of Waterloo's Ferderation Hall to recognize radio hosts for their excellence. "Caribbean Spice Radio" won the listner's choice for "Favourite Caribbean Show" and "Favourite World Music".
"Caribbean Spice Radio" is aired every Monday from 9:15 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on CKMS 100.3 FM and it features Soca, Chutney, Indian classics and more. This radio show is hosted by Narine Dat Sookram (MC-Narine), known in the Tri-City area for doing live concert shows through his chartiy group called "Active Vision Charity Association Corp." His most recent live concert was with the "Sugar Cake Girls" which was a sold out affair.
For information about "Caribbean Spice Radio"call: 519-579-4680 of email: MCnarine3000@aol.com
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